Manchester Cathedral

This post originates in 2012, when the photograph above was taken. 

Sometime earlier that year I was stood in a lengthy queue in the Spar on Oxford Road when something caught my eye. On the front of the MEN was a photograph of the cathedral with some sort of vandalism caption. Following the instructions to page six I was greeted with a short article about how some wrong-uns had nicked something from the old girl.

It wasn't the best time to tackle it but it stuck in my mind for a few months, long enough for us - Tweek and Sho included to walk past and climb up onto a lower roof. After a peep over the edge the cathedral had had some new security measures installed, two PIRs.

We couldn't get any further across or upwards so we jumped back down and said if she ever had a bit of work done we'd climb the scaffolding for an easy ride. Three years on and it happened, sadly without the tower.

This one was relaxed with no fuss. One of those watch and waits, just for that one snap in the rain, we've all done 'em.



ian... said...

Love the photographs!

Take it you've read Night Climbers of Cambridge?

Gone said...

Thanks buddy! I haven't but you have just reminded me to dig about for a copy.

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